Garage clearance

Garage clearance services

The Garage can often be like a blackhole with items making their way in there never to be found again. When you are young you associate a garage being a home for a car or your bike. Over the years cars have increased in size making many traditional garages not fit for the purposes of keeping your car under cover. The dimensions making it unfeasible to your your prized vehicle within the walls.

What are garages used for?

Many garages have been repurposed for storage, as our homes have become more cluttered over the years the garage has become a place for refuge for your washing machine and dishwasher. Combi boilers have found there way into the garage. A place to store all your tools, bikes or Christmas decorations. It may also be used as a space for working or to hide the mess clutter creates.

When you get the time to clear your garage it always starts with emptying it removed items sprawled in the garden or street. Then all the items are worked through to see what you can dispose of at landfill what is rubbish/waste/junk. Disposal can cost if you end up getting a skip to get rid of waste.

Using a professional company to clear your garage

A super easy process that is efficient, affordable and takes the hard work out of your garage clearance. This is great if you need the space emptied and the stuff recycled or disposal to landfill. A full Garage clearance is best done when you husband is in work, otherwise every single item in that garage will have been kept for a purpose. “i might need that one day” sound familiar?. The garage is full of tools yet you can’t get a shelf put up, Machinery all over garage but he doesn’t have the tools for the job you want done.

Garage clearance cost

As with any house clearance services the cost can vary, everything depending on what waste will have to be disposed of and the man hours involved with the clearance. As a company we use our van rubbish removal services to clear waste meaning there is no need for a skip or road licence. We can take unwanted furniture to local charities making your garage clearance more cost effective. The fact that we can recycle unwanted stuff means we can minimise garage waste being as eco friendly as possible. unwanted items can be cleared from the garage quickly much like our other domestic clearance services. We can give an accurate quote and offer a fixed fee price if photos are sent to us when quoting for a garage clearance service.

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